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Main office
Rue du Sceptre 41
1050 Brussels

Meeting rooms

Rue du Sceptre 63 A

1050 Brussels

Corporate headquarters

Rue du Sceptre 40

1050 Brussels

+32 2 881 03 30

Public Affairs

Monitoring, consulting en lobbying



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Knowledge is power

The European institutions produce regulations, directives, communications and other (non) legislative acts on a daily basis that may have an impact on your sector or organisation. We offer monitoring reports and newsletters on a monthly or quarterly basis as well as daily email updates. So that you are always fully aware of the latest developments and will never be faced with any surprises. We analyse this information and indicate when it is important for you.

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Thinking out of the box

ICODA European Affairs understands how to help you to achieve your policy, legislative, regulatory and legal goals by shaping strategies around decision-makers and relevant influencers. We provide you with a sound analysis of the issues at stake and their implications.  We assist you with drafting your position paper, mapping stakeholders and getting you at the table with relevant decision-makers.  Our expertise guarantees well-founded political and legal advice.

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Getting things done

Lobbying requires persistence and ‘thinking out of the box’.  That is exactly where our public affairs expertise comes in for your organisation! Together we work on your message and we will get it across to the relevant decision-makers at the right time. Timing and good contacts are essential for the proper representation of interests. Our many years of experience and our excellent network form a solid basis for this important part of public affairs.




Our EU Masterclasses

"Give a man a fish and he has food for one day. Teach a man to fish and he'll have food for the rest of his life." (Chinese proverb)


EU policy has a major impact on organisations and businesses. But how do you know what is going on and when?

Our two-day EU Masterclass introduces your organisation to the EU and its extensive competences. 

doing work together


Tailor-made for your organisation

ICODA European Affairs organises working visits to the EU institutions for companies and organisations.  With our knowledge and network in Brussels we can guarantee an enjoyable time, with excellent learning opportunities and we can provide you with the best guest speakers to the EU in your filed of interest.  This allows your employees to gain optimal knowledge of the EU in your field in a short period of time.

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'One-on-one councelling

Has 'Europe' been added to your portfolio?  

Are you the new 'EU man/woman' in Brussels for your organisation?  Address these new challenges and new responsibilities under the professional guidance of an EU coach.  We make sure that you know how to make the most of your precious time in Brussels.  Together we look at what is going on for your company or organisation on the Brussels playing field.  We introduce you to the right officials and show you around the EU institutions and relevant umbrella organisations in Brussels.  So that you can feel at home with the European institutions in no time at all.

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EU Coaching


Your seminars and conferences in Brussels

ICODA European Affairs takes care of your EU events in Brussels.  Both in terms of content and practicality, we can help.  Sometimes it is difficult to find a balance between a well-organised event and the message it should convey. This is where ICODA European Affairs comes in. We translate your ideas into a successful event.

We advise on how to convert European issues to your target group and how the event subject can be placed in the European context.  And we can identify relevant guest speakers or guests from the European institutions for your event.

In addition, we provide room rental, catering, hotels, invitations, conference website, conference accessories. 

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Please contact us: 

For an example of one of our past events have a look at:



For more than 25 years ICODA European Affairs has been active in the organisation of EU workshops, seminars, congresses and other EU events. 

ICODA European Affairs offers a variety of services that are customised for our clients’ individual needs.  We work together to create a model which is not fixed but produces a personal, tailor-made approach for long-lasting effects.

Our offices are located in the heart of the European district of Brussels.  From this central position, we provide services to the business community, national and local authorities, NGOs, the European Commission and to European umbrella organisations and national trade associations.


ICODA European Affairs also assists clients in their communication and lobbying with the European institutions.  Our core business is identifying, monitoring and influencing new European political and legislative developments.


We combine up-to-date knowledge of the European decision-making process with creativity and thinking out of the box to ensure your message gets across in Brussels.

We believe in the European project.  As do the officials of the European Commission and the MEPs with whom we are in daily contact.  Our team and our partners combine their expertise, knowledge and resources to create a unique and personal offer.



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